Internet Explorer Bookmarklet

About the bookmarklet

A bookmarklet is a special link that executes a small amount of javascript code that will allow you to add items from any website directly to one of your lists. Because the bookmarklet uses javascript code Internet Explorer will warn you about it's use. The Big Gift List would like to assure you that the bookmarklet is perfectly safe and doesn't pass any personal information to our servers.

Using the Bookmarklet

Once installed your browser will have a new button on it's toolbar. To add items to your lists simply browse the internet for the items you want (e.g. Amazon product page), and then click the 'BigGiftList - Add Item' bookmarklet button.

A new pop-up will appear (you may need to configure you browser to allow the pop-up to display), if you aren't currently logged in to your account you will be asked to do so. Once logged in you will be able to fill in the details for the item and select the list you want to add it to. Your done. The window can be closed and you can continue browsing the web.

Setting up Internet Explorer (7+)

IE7 - Enabling the Links toolbar

Step 1
If you do not currently have the 'Links' toolbar shown click the 'Tools' button on the top right of the window, move down to 'Toolbars' and click 'Links' in the menu.

IE7 - Adding the favourite

Step 2
Right click the link below and click 'Add to Favourites'. You will be asked to confirm that you want to add the link as a favourite.

BigGiftList - Add Item

IE7 - Add as a Link

Step 3
In the dialog box select 'Links' in the 'Create In' drop down, then click Add. The bookmarklet will appear in your Links toolbar. You may be asked confirm that you want to install the bookmarklet once more.

You are now ready to start using the bookmarklet to add items